These Are The Scariest Movies Of All Time According To A New Study

Don't watch, it's a horrible scene !

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If you're looking for/trying to avoid scary movies this spooky season then look no further because a new study just revealed the scariest movies of all time!

Now you're probably thinking "How do they know they are scary?" and it's all based on the average heart rate increase for participants when they watched specific horror films. It turns out that people thought a Zoom horror movie was even scarier than the murderous clown from It!

Here are the top ten scariest movies based on their average heart rate increase:

  1. Host (Average Increase of 24 bpm)
  2. Sinister (Average Increase of 22 bpm)
  3. Insidious (Average Increase of 21 bpm)
  4. The Conjuring (Average Increase of 20 bpm)
  5. Hereditary (Average Increase of 18 bpm)
  6. Terrified (Average Increase of 18 bpm)
  7. It Follows (Average Increase of 17 bpm)
  8. A Quiet Place II (Average Increase of 16 bpm)
  9. Paranormal Activity (Average Increase of 16 bpm)
  10. The Conjuring 2 (Average Increase of 15 bpm)

You can see where your favorite horror movie ranks HERE and check out the trailer for Host below, which is centered around a group of friends getting on Zoom to perform a séance!

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