Competitive Pillow Fighting Is A Sport In Japan

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Photo: Getty Images

Get ready to add a new favorite spot to your life because competitive pillow fighting is an actual thing in Japan and it looks so awesome!

Every year the small town of Ito, Japan, which is south of Tokyo, hosts the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships where teams of five compete to be the ultimate pillow fighters.

Each team starts on the ground pretending to sleep and as soon as the referee blows the whistle, they have an all-out two minute war with pillows. The main goal is to hit the opposing team's captain, which will immediately end the game.

The even better part is that to protect your captain you get to cover them up in a duvet and I really want this to come to the US ASAP!

In Japan the national prize is about $915 for the winning team and you already know it's going to get even bigger next year! You can see what a typical game looks like below and time to get practicing!

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