Apple's New iOS 15 Can Now Make Sad Songs Even Sadder!?

Sad teenager listening to music in a bar

Photo: Getty Images

If you've already updated your iPhone to iOS 15 then get excited because there's a hidden feature that wasn't really promoted that will make your music/podcast-listening experiences even better!

iOS 15 comes with a white noise/ambiance setting that will let you add nature sounds like rain or the ocean and you can play them while listening to your favorite songs. It might sound like a weird feature, but a TON of people are actually using it.

Whether it's to make a sad song even sadder post-breakup or to just appreciate the smooth sounds of Sam Smith, it's a neat feature that you could use only once or it can change your life forever!

To enable this feature you just need to follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Accessibility
  2. Tap on that, then scroll to the Hearing section
  3. Choose Audio/Visual
  4. Tap on Background Sounds
  5. Turn on Background Sounds by tapping the on/off toggle
  6. Tap on Sound
  7. Choose from six sound options
  8. Tap Back
  9. Optionally, set the volume
  10. Also optionally, switch on or off Use When Media is Playing

You can control the volume in your control center and now you can delete those third-party ambiance apps because Apple has you covered! Check out reactions to the feature below!

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