Pokémon Oreos Are Upselling For A TON Of Money On eBay

Even though it's only been about two weeks since Oreo released its collaboration with The Pokémon Company, people are already upselling packs of the cookies for hundreds of dollars on eBay!

The Pokémon x Oreo collaboration features 16 different Pokémon on the Oreo cookies and apparently this is the reason why so many people are buying packs, and even individual cookies starting at $20 on the low-end.

Some Pokémon Oreos like Mew can set you back $100 for someone to mail you a sandwich-bagged cookie and the entire pack only originally cost $3.88 at the beginning of the month. It's even gotten so weird that people are doing white-glove unboxings of the cookies like they would with a new iPhone!

You can see some listings of the cookies on eBay below, but something tells us that in a month from now you're going to have a lot of those listing go down because people get hungry!

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