This Is Why You Can't Stop Scrolling On Your Phone Before Going To Sleep

Girl using smart phone and lying down in bed

Photo: Getty Images

Do you often stay up way past the time you were originally headed to bed? Turns out you're not alone because a TON of people also do it, myself included, and it's actually a new behavior according to psychologists.

Psychologists have called the new behavior "revenge bedtime procrastination" which they call the "act of staying up after all the day's chores and activities are complete."

They claim that it's essentially a way for people to get a little more control back in their life after a long day of work so that they can physically control when they go to sleep. There also seems to be a link between heightened daytime stress and longer bedtime procrastination so the more stressful your day, the longer you'll put off going to sleep.

The Sleep Foundation says there are three main signs of revenge bedtime procrastination to look out for:

  • Delaying going to sleep, which reduces your sleep time
  • Not having a valid reason for staying up, such as an event or an illness
  • Being aware that delaying your bedtime will lead to negative consequences.

Maybe the next time you catch yourself scrolling endlessly on TikTok you just limit yourself to five more minutes!!

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