Rice Krispies Treats Are The New Pre-Workout Trend??

Marshmallow Crispy Rice Treat

Photo: Getty Images

There are a TON of fitness brands that advertise they have the best pre-workout treat to keep you energized and fueled for your workout, but TikTok might have just revealed that you only need a Rice Krispies treat before working out!

Thanks to TikTok user @Ko0maa, gym-goers are getting obsessed with Rice Krispies treats again because not only do they give you a boost in sugar, but give your some carbs to burn during your workout as well.

Now this isn't to say that eating one of those GIANT Rice Krispies is going to be great for your health, but if you're feeling low-energy then it might be a "healthier" way of getting some sugar to fuel you.

You can see the TikTok the started it all below and just a fair warning that health experts don't necessarily recommend just eating Rice Krispies before your workout, but it doesn't hurt!

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