Amazon Palm Readers Are Launching At Select Entertainment Venues This Month

Get ready to never use a QR code or physical ticket again because Amazon has just launched its new palm reader technology at select entertainment venues!

Known as Amazon One, the new tech just launched at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver and it's essentially a giant fingerprint reader where instead of scanning your fingerprint, it scans your entire palm.

Amazon One is already being used at Amazon’s brick-and-mortar stores and Whole Foods, but the best part is that you can not only use your palm print to get into the venues, but also use it to purchase items.

Say what you will about having your palm print scanned, but this way you don't need to bring your wallet at all to get into the venue or buy water or alcohol!

Amazon says it's testing the Amazon One in 60 locations in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington state, and Washington D.C as if right now and will partner with AXS for future concerts and other events in the near-future!

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