The Internet Is Roasting This Guy Who Proposed With A Plastic Toy Ring

Man open a ring box to give a gift to his girlfriend.

Photo: Getty Images

I know I'm one to talk when it comes to proposals, still dating someone for over eight years without a ring over here, but this guy is getting roasted by the Internet for getting drunk and proposing to his girlfriend with a plastic toy ring.

The entire story was shared as an “Am I The A-hole” on Reddit, which has since been deleted, and apparently the guy was out drinking with friends when he got enough "liquid courage" and decided to a win a plastic ring in an arcade game to "pretend to propose to his girlfriend."

Now the story already starts off bad, but it gets even worse when the guy apparently waited until the end of the night and decided to wake his girlfriend up to propose to her after he scared her. The thread did mention that the girlfriend didn't find it funny at all, but let this just be an example on how NOT to propose to your partner.

You can see the comments on the post still by going HERE and A LOT of people kept it real with him!

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