Half Of Millennials Describe Themselves As “Geri-Lennials” In New Survey

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Do you feel and act older than you actually are? Turns out you're not alone according to a new survey that found almost 50% of millennials describe themselves as "geri-lennials!"

A "geri-lennial" is someone between 24-39-years-old who behaves a lot older than their actual age! Essentially, they like to spend their time more at home or at home improvement stores instead of going out with friends.

Now you probably know at least one person in your friend group who acts like this, but because of the pandemic, "geri-lennials" are on the rise because we all now know how to have fun at home without spending a ton of money on going out.

You can read more about the survey's findings here, but don't worry if you'd rather read a book at home instead of going to a happy hour!

Also enjoy the below video of ten things turning 20 in 2021, which is guaranteed to make you feel older than you are!

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