This UK Pub Is Hiring A Potato Taste-Tester

group of brown fresh potatoes SELECTIVE FOCUS

Photo: Getty Images

Cue the "Small Potatoes" song because you can actually get paid to tell the difference between good and bad potatoes at this pub in the UK!

The Botanist is a chain of pub restaurants around the UK and they are looking for a "Protato Tester" who can help them perfect their Sunday roast menu filled with potatoes.

Whoever is selected for the job will be paid almost $700 for a tasting session on September 19th to help improve their menus and you even get to come back for complimentary roasts every Sunday if you get the job.

To apply for the gig you have to submit a 500 word essay about why you think you would excel in the position and you have until September 12th to apply! So if you think you're like Sam from The Lord of The Rings then apply!

Or if you want to get the "Small Potatoes" song stuck in your head again, then enjoy the following!

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