Someone Attempted A Milk Crate Challenge Gender Reveal...

Just by reading the title you already know how this milk crate challenge gender reveal ended up!

As if gender reveal videos weren't already cringe enough, somebody actually attempted a milk crate challenge to reveal the gender of their baby by carrying a bag of powder that they would throw in the air if they made it through the milk crates.

You can see in the video below that the husband almost made it to the top of the milk crates before he slips and falls down, but also drops the bag of blue powder and his family and friends go crazy.

There's no word if the video was staged or not, but what a story to tell your future kid that your dad broke a bone to tell everyone you were going to be a boy!

Also if you're in need of a good laugh or compilation fail video then check out some of the worst milk crate challenge attempts below! Also as a disclaimer, don't try it at home!!

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