This Is Why Cartoon Food Always Looks Better Than Real Life

Photo: (Screen Rant)

Have you ever wanted to try a food because it looked good on your favorite live-action/animated show? Turns out you're not alone because illustrators actually make the food look good on purpose!

Thanks to our friends at Mashed, multiple illustrators and creative designers have revealed that cartoonists have the "power to add details" to make foods like pizza look way better than they would in real life with lighting, steam effects, or even extra water droplets.

Apparently, the main reason people find illustrated food so perfect is also because it's unattainable. We always want something more if we can't have it and our imagination "goes into overdrive" when seeing a food on a show that we don't immediately know where to get it.

You can read more about the science HERE and if you wanted to see what good cartoon pizza looks like then check out the clip from the animated classic A Goofy Movie below!

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