Henrico County Students Pranked Their School Board With Fake Names

You got to love it when students can prank their own school board and we might have the greatest prank of all time thanks to students in Henrico County, VA who gave their school board fake names to read during a meeting.

Henrico County's school board recently met to discuss going back to school, but what they weren't counting on was having a list of peoples' names who didn't bother to show up to the meeting.

People like "Suk Mahdik," "Ophelia McCaulk," and "Don Kedick" had their name read aloud by school board member Roscoe D. Cooper III, but nobody stood up to use their time.

You can see the prank which is very reminiscent of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons below and just get ready for this type of prank to be on the come up!

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