You Can Now Buy "Disappearing Tattoos"

Process of creating tattoo in form of black flower

Photo: iStockphoto

Have you ever wanted a tattoo that wasn't as permanent as you thought? Turns out you can now get a "disappearing tattoo" that fades up to 15 months after you first get inked!

A New York-based tattoo studio called Ephemeral Tattoo is now offering "Made-To-Fade" tattoos that use a special type of ink that can disappear after nine to 15 months from when you first get it.

Apparently, the tattoo has gained so much notoriety that the waitlist to get one is already eight months long and the studio is able to open other locations because of the high demand.

You can learn more about Ephemeral Tattoo's process below, but this might be the perfect way to get a tattoo if you plan on not going home for the holidays and seeing your family!


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