This Wife Went Viral For The Detailed Shopping List She Gives Her Husband

Young man reading shopping list in produce aisle, side view, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

Not going to lie that I know I am THAT person in a relationship who likes to put extra things in the shopping cart when grocery shopping, but a woman just went viral for how she tries to prevent her husband from doing just that!

TikTok user @adamxmelinda has gone viral with her video showing how she sends her husband to the store with a detailed shopping list with pictures of the items they need, the exact amount they need for the week, and where he can find it in the store.

Obviously, a TON of people related because the vide has over EIGHT MILLION views as of right now and if I was the husband then I would immediately stop putting fun things in the basket anymore!

Check out the TikTok below and it might be something to test your partner with on your next grocery run!

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