New Video Game Let You Simulate Being A Bus Driver

We're currently in an age where lawn mower and farm simulator are actual video games and now Bus Simulator 21 is the new game that's destined to fulfill your childhood dream of driving a bus!

The game takes place in real-life virtual cities in the US and Europe and will give you the chance to drive over 30 different types of buses in both a single-player and multiplayer mode.

The main object of the game is to drive your given routes and help get passengers to where they're going and that's it!

Whether you are thinking about being a professional driver or have always wondered what it's like then you can test it out before actually driving a real bus!

Fingers crossed they have a DLC that's based on the movie Speed! You can check out the trailer for the game below and it comes out on September 7th.

Everyone loves a good simulator, and Bus Simulator 21 will deliver its thrilling bus-driving adventures on September 7 for PC and consoles.

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