New Survey Claims Losing NFL Teams Drink More During The Season

New York Giants v Washington Football Team

Photo: Getty Images

Having a losing season isn't something new for DMV football fans when it comes to either the Washington Football Team or the Baltimore Ravens, but it turns out you actually drink MORE during the season because of their win-loss records!

A new survey from SportsHandle found that the average number of drinks and NFL fan drinks during each game actually increases based on how many losses their team has throughout the season.

The Cincinnati Bengals took the top spot with the average fan currently drinking 5.2 drinks per game, but the Ravens actually came in second with 4.7 drinks per game.

Oddly enough, Washington's Football Team didn't rank that high when it comes to drinks per game as it ranked 18th among all of the NFL teams with 3.7 drinks consumed per game.

You can see where your favorite team lands in this survey HERE and even if your team doesn't have a winning season this year, at least you can drink a lot to make up for it!

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