DC's Planet Word Museum Is A Finalist For The Best Restroom In America

Have you always tried to look for the best public restroom available? Turns out the Planet Word Museum in DC has one of the best restrooms in America!

Business service company Cintas is currently running a contest for "America's Best Restroom" and just announced that Planet Word is one of the ten remaining finalists.

Restrooms were selected based on hygiene, aesthetics, and other factors and they even gave a specific reason as to why Planet Word's restrooms were nominated:

As a free museum in Washington, D.C. dedicated to renewing and inspiring a love of words, language, and reading, words are celebrated everywhere at Planet Word – even in the restrooms! Whether showcasing how to ask, “Where is the bathroom?” in multiple different languages, illustrating the many names for animal waste or poking fun with euphemisms and synonyms, Planet Word is flush with colorful bathroom humor.

Voting for the contest ends on August 20th for the remaining finalists and you can go HERE to vote and go HERE to plan your trip to see what all the restroom hype is all about!!


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