Taco Bell Is Testing Out Two-Story Stores With Multiple Drive-Thrus

Taco Bell is about to go through a MAJOR renovation to its restaurants and it's going to make drive-thru ordering even easier!

The fast-food chain just revealed plans for its new drive-thru concept that will "lift" the entire store on elevated platforms and allow multiple drive-thru lanes to go through at one time.

The concept is called "Taco Bell Defy" and will also use a "proprietary lift system" to deliver food from the kitchen to the cars below and you'll still be able to eat in the store just on the second level.

As of right now the first store built with this concept will be in Minnesota with plans to open next summer, but if things turn out well then it might be an upgrade coming to a Taco Bell near you in the next few years!

Check out what the NEW Taco Bell will look like below!

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