IKEA Is Releasing Candles That Smell Like Swedish Meatballs

Photo: Getty Images

Sure you might visit IKEA every weekend you can, but does your house smell like Swedish meatballs? Now it can!

IKEA is releasing a scented candle they call "Huvudroll," which smells like their famous Swedish meatballs and the only way you can get it right now is by participating in their contest for their 10th anniversary of their loyalty program.

The candle is part of IKEA's "Store in a Box" package, which offers a “sensory experience of visiting a store,” and you might want to check with your partner/family/roommate first before lighting this candle up because it will definitely be a distinct smell.

The contest uns from August 6tth to the 22nd, but to get more info you can go . Click here for more info.

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