Arlington Residents Are Reporting A Rise In Mysterious Bug Bites!?

A woman scratching her itchy mosquito bite. Tropical climate danger.

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to invest in a better bug spray for the rest of the summer because a TON of people in and around Arlington County have been reporting mysterious bug bites that might indirectly be because of the cicadas from earlier this year!

Arlington County locals have said they have received what initially appears to be mosquito bites, but the bumps quickly swelled to much larger than what would normally be expected and were even itchier than normal.

Arlington County's Health Department has said that officials have been unable to identify the source of the bites, but department experts are looking into at least one suspect: pyemotes, which are a type of mite that feed on cicada eggs.

The health department says pyemote bites are not dangerous, but could become inflected if scratched so you might want to stock up on your best bug spray and calamine lotion!

You can read more about the bug bites HERE or by clicking below!

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