Facebook May Release Ray-Ban 'Smart Glasses' Later This Year

Ray Ban Studios At All Points East Festival 2019

Photo: Getty Images

Remember when "smart glasses" were all the rage and the way of the future? Turns out we only had to wait a few years more for them to happen because Facebook just announced it's teaming with Ray-Ban to release their own "smart glasses!"

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in the company's recent earnings call that the smart glasses would be part of Facebook "journey towards full augmented reality glasses in the future" and that they hope to release them sometime this year.

The glasses will apparently allow users to take phone calls, do live streams, and see information like the weather on their glasses and if they actually come out then it might be your new go-to accessory to always have on-hand.

You can see Ray-Bans hype video of the announcement below!

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