People Are Stealing The Heads Off LeBron James Space Jam 2 Toys For TikTok

If you're looking for any toys from Space Jam 2 then you might have a hard time for the foreseeable future because people keep stealing the heads of LeBron James' action figures because of TikTok!

In the past few weeks multiple TikTok users have noticed that the heads of LeBron's action figures have been missing whenever they look for the toy and it's all thanks to a trend started by @jacobhndrxx who stole the head and then made a video with the Space Jam theme song.

Things have got so out of control now that stores like Walmart are locking away the LeBron toys so that random people don't steal the heads off of them, which is technically stealing.

You can see the video that started it all and just get ready for toys to be even harder to open because of this!

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