Netflix Is Making A Live-Action Pokémon Series

Netflix has been buying up TV series rights to a TON of properties and it looks like we might be getting a live-action Pokémon series in the near future led by the executive producer of Lucifer!

Joe Henderson will be writing and executive producing the in-development series based on the hit franchise that as of right now hasn't been said if it will be based on the original anime, the video games, or on the live-action Detective Pikachu film.

Either way, it's something to be excited about and keep your Netflix subscription for because it's either going to look super great like Detective Pikachu or just be meme-fuel if the live-action Pokémon don't look so hot.

Fingers crossed it gives all of us old Pokémon fans something to come back to the series for because who doesn't want to catch 'em all or at least see Ash/Red take on the Elite Four!?

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