New TikTok Hack: How To Get Free Fry Refills At Fast Food Restaurants

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Photo: Getty Images

TikTok has been my favorite place to learn a TON of life hacks and apparently you can get FREE fry refills at fast food restaurants if you ask for it thanks to a NEW TikTok hack!

TikTok user itsosoprodigy shared a video last week of his friend going up to a McDonald's counter and asking for a refill on his large fries and they gave it to him without hesitation. The video has been viewed over FOUR MILLION times and apparently other places will give you free refills too!

They tried the same thing at a Wendy's and actually filmed themselves asking the employee and the same thing happened!

Apparently, some restaurants have a policy to give refills on large fries according to commenters so it might be worth trying out if you are trying to ball out on a budget at your favorite fast food spot!

You can see the viral TikToks below!

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