Peloton Plans To Launch In-App Video Games As Alternative Workouts

Peloton Stock Goes Up As Home Workouts Increase

Photo: Getty Images

Get ready to switch up your workout routine on your Peloton bike if you have one because the fitness company is entering the video game business with their new in-app video game!

The game is called Lanebreak and as of right now is only available for Peloton bike owners and subscribers, but it involves riders changing their cadence and resistance to meet various goals and control an on-screen rolling wheel that kind of works like Guitar Hero or any other rhythm game.

You get to choose a difficulty level, the type of music you want to hear, and the duration of the track before starting and while the game is currently in a members-only beta, it will open later this year for everyone to try.

Lanebreak will be an additional feature with Peloton's instructor-led classes so if you're looking to gamify your workouts or switch things up then it's worth trying out later this year!

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