Sleeping With Your Dog In Your Bed Can Improve Your Mental Health

High Angle View Of Dog Relaxing On Bed At Home

Photo: Getty Images

If you struggle with letting your dog sleep on the bed with you or in their own bed, then get ready to have less room in your bed because there's actual mental health benefits to sharing the bed with your dog!

According to multiple dog experts and a new study, you should let your dog or cat into your bed as long as you establish dominance because it can increase your oxytocin during the night.

Not only is having a dog sleeping on your bed comforting, but if they sleep next to you it increases your oxytocin even more because you feel less alone.

In the study the researchers also found that 55% of women slept alongside a dog and were more likely to get a more restful night's sleep compared to those who slept alone.

I don't know about you, but it might be time to invest in a pillow for your dog on your bed!!

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