A NEW Nintendo Switch OLED Model Will Release In October For $350

If you're looking to upgrade your Nintendo Switch or are FINALLY buy one, then you might want to wait until October when Nintendo releases their OLED model of the Switch to give it an even bigger screen and more storage!

Not only will the OLED model feature a larger 7-inch 720p OLED display, but will include 64GB of built-in storage (almost twice what the original Switch had), a new dock with a wired ethernet port, and improved audio for handheld or tabletop play.

It's mainly an upgrade for handheld players as there were no updated features really mentioned for those of us who play the Switch while it's docked, but at least there will be a new white version coming out.

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED model are currently live for $349 when it releases on October 8th and you can learn more about the new model in the announcement trailer below!

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