People Are Making "Pasta Chips" In The Air Fryer With This TikTok Hack

Italian pasta collection on rustic wooden table

Photo: Getty Images

If you were to look in your pantry right now how many boxes of semi-used pasta would you have? If it's more than one, then you need to try this new pasta hack going viral on TikTok that turns your unused pasta noodles into "pasta chips!"

Multiple users on TikTok have shown off the new food hack that simply asks you to put whatever pasta you have into the air fryer with olive oil, Italian seasoning, and some parmesan cheese to make the ultimate "pasta chip" that tastes like you got it from Olive Garden.

You do still need to boil your pasta slightly to get it a little moist before frying it up, but pop it in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and you have the ultimate snack paired with marinara or pesto sauce.

You can see how to visually make it below and happy snacking!!

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