This Company Will Pay You $15,000 To Drink Water

Sportswoman in headphones holding a plastic bottle

Photo: Getty Images

It's National Hydration Day today and one company is celebrating the holiday dedicated to not being thirsty by looking for it's first "Chief Thirst Officer" and will pay them $15,000 as your salary!

Hydrant is a wellness brand that sells drink mixes for water and is launching an online competition to name its first "Chief Thirst Officer" who will receive an eight-week contract to "document the power of being hydrated!"

On top of drinking water, you'll have to create a minimum of 3 videos per week for social media to document how staying hydrated is easy and the chosen candidate will be selected based on their creativity, engagement and how "thirsty they are to win."

You can find out even more details about the side-gig HERE and you might as well toss your hat in the ring and apply because who doesn't love getting paid $15,000 to drink water!

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