New Study Claims Kids Who Play Fortnite Have Better Prosocial Skills

Fortnite And Travis Scott Present: Astronomical

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to give your kid a little extra time playing Fortnite every week because a new study just revealed that it can increase their prosocial skills in real life!

The new study looked at the social behaviors of elementary school students who played Fortnite and compared it to students who played pinball and more often than not the kids who played Fortnite often gave more money for a donation then pinball players.

Kids who played Fortnite were also more likely to help researchers with other studies and researchers say it's because playing Fortnite made them happy, which made them act happier after playing the game.

This is definitely a good "feather in the cap" for Epic Games to promote the game and now your kids have an actual reason to play more video games this summer!

You can read more from the study HERE and see the game's latest trailer below!

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