New TikTok Hack Will Change How You Eat Movie Theater Popcorn

It's time to get your hands on some movie theater popcorn for the first time in over a year now that theaters are officially open and this woman's TikTok hack will forever change how you butter your popcorn!

Whether you're getting a small popcorn for yourself or a giant bucket for the entire fam, you've probably run into the issue where the bottom layers of the popcorn isn't as buttery as the top, but that's where @colleenlepp comes in with the GREATEST TikTok hack of all time.

In her video, Colleen shares how she sticks a straw in the middle of her popcorn and then lines it up with the butter dispenser to let it soak from the bottom up. The hack has over FIVE million views as of right now and I'm totally trying this when I go see F9 in a few weeks!

Check out the hack below!

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