Relish Is 0-32 In The Orioles' Hot Dog Race At Camden Yards

You got to love a good conspiracy theory and this one might hit close to home because Baltimore Orioles fans are convinced Camden Yards is preventing Relish from winning any of the stadium's Hot Dog Races!

As of right now, Relish is 0-32 through the Orioles' 2021 season of Hot Dog Races where three animated hot dogs circles the bases on the center field scoreboard between the second and third innings and people think Relish is being slighted.

Mustard currently leads the series 17-15, with Ketchup in second place and the conspiracy has grown to such a proportion that the Orioles' SVP of Administration and Experience has even commented that the "race isn't over."

You can see several O's fans reactions below, but watch the losing streak continue just to make that first victory even sweeter!

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