NBC's 'Slip ‘N Slide' Shut Down Production Because Of 'Explosive Diarrhea'

Man splashing head first on muddy slip and slide

Photo: Getty Images

We love our game shows on the show and even if it feels like EVERYTHING is being turned into a game show, you might be interested in watching NBC's Ultimate Slip 'n Slide for one reason: multiple contestants had "explosive diarrhea" on while competing on the show!

The show is set to be hosted by Bobby Moynihan and Ron Funches, but production is currently being put on pause because a contestant had diarrhea on one of the slip 'n slides. The worst part is that nobody realized it until multiple people were "collapsing on set" or running for the production's bathrooms.

Now this didn't happen because of one contestant, but because the water being used in the slip ‘n slide challenges isn’t that fresh, which is what caused crew members to be affected.

You can read more about the incident HERE, but something tells us the show's first season is going to make this a BIG angle to get more viewers!

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