General Mills Is Releasing A "Loki Charms" Cereal

If you haven't had Lucky Charms in a while, then you might be buying your first box in a while thanks to the cereal's new collaboration with the upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus!

The General Mills cereal is releasing a limited-edition version of the cereal called "Loki Charms" that will have the MCU's Loki replace the cereal's leprechaun as the box's mascot and you can only buy it online!

Only 3,500 boxes were made so they'll definitely become a hot commodity as the show releases new episodes so if you want to order your own box, whether you're a cereal or Loki fan, then you can go to at 11am on June 9th to get your own box for $8.

You can see the fun video the cereal made for the promotion below and get ready for Loki to come to Disney Plus on the same day the cereal launches!


Photo Credit: General Mills

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