You Can Get Paid $2,000 To Play Video Games With A Friend For 21 Hours

Think you can play video games for 21 hours straight? Turns out you can get paid $2,000 for doing it with your bestie!

Internet provider FrontierBundles is offering that amount of money to two pairs of friends who are willing to play 21 hours of video games together and share their experiences online.

Whether it's a multiplayer game like Call Of Duty or a single-player game that you both swap the controller on like Resident Evil Village, this is probably the best opportunity for you and a friend to get paid to have a bonding experience.

There will be two sets of winners in the United States, and duos don't need to play together in person, but you just need to have a video game history with your friend, which if we're honest almost everyone has at some point.

Winners will also get a prize bag with a Nintendo Switch Lite, access to "modern video games," and snacks and to apply you can go HERE!

Just make sure you let your bestie know you applied with them to play video games for 21 hours!

(KSBW 8)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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