These Cereal Vending Machines Let You Mix Any Cereal You Want

Get ready for your cereal preferences to forever change because Kellogg’s has teamed up with a startup company to release cereal vending machines that let you mix-and-match its cereals!

Kellogg’s Away From Home, the company’s division that works with foodservice operators, has partnered with startup company Chowbotics to release two “Kellogg’s Bowl Bots” that work just like a soda fountain where you can mix different flavors.

The two machines are currently available at Florida State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and let you create your own custom cereal by blending cereals, milk options, and other toppings.

The machine also comes preloaded with normal cereals and bowls range in price from $2.99-$6.50 per bowl.

Fingers crossed these can come to a hotel near us! You can see what they look like below!

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