IKEA And Pinterest Are Teaming Up For A New Home Design Tool

In need of some assistance when it comes to decorating your new apartment or house? IKEA and Pinterest have you covered with their new home design tool!

The two brands just launched their "Renocation tool" which lets IKEA customers find inspirations for their next home renovation through custom Pinterest boards based on their interests and tastes.

To create the board, you just need to take a quick quiz to determine your interests, including your favorite getaway destinations, your favorite activities to do there, and the last question, "Is there a room in your house where you also feel that free and relaxed?"

The tool then compiles your answers and shares a custom-made board, filled with links to IKEA furniture you can pick up at your local store.

You can take the quiz HERE and just be prepared to add a TON of furniture to your IKEA shopping cart!

(Travel + Leisure)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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