This Restaurant In Leesburg Serves Cicada Tacos

If you're looking to switch up taco night with the fam then you might want to visit Cocina On Market in Leesburg this weekend because they're cooking up cicada tacos!

They're the tacos "17 years in the making" and thanks to chef Tobias Padovano you can now try what several of the 1-1/2 inch long insects taste like when put in taco form.

Cocina On Market gathers the insects around the neighborhood and then boils, bakes, and plucks all the weird bits from them so that they look nothing like the bug you saw in the thumbnail!

The cicadas are also sautéed in onion and garlic, topped with serrano chile, avocado and radish in a mole verde sauce, and wrapped in flour tortillas.

While there is a slight crunch, it's definitely worth saying your tried it and supporting a local DMV business! You can see what the tacos look like below!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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