'Cardening' Is The New Instagram Plant Trend Coming To Your Car's Dashboard

If you're in a relationship like me where your partner wants to put plants everywhere in the house then get ready for you car to not even be safe because "cardening" is the latest trend on Instagram!

Over on Instagram, there’s a rising trend called "cardening" where people are putting mini-gardens inside their car to have their plant life on the go. You can either turn your cupholder or dashboard into the mini-garden and all the sun your car gets turns it into a mini-terrarium.

Obviously, there's a safety issue with a ton of soil and plants being planted on your dashboard, especially if it's a cactus, potentially falling on you, but maybe we just stick to fake succulents instead?

You can see some examples of "cardens" below and just be ready for your partner to wants some greenery in your go-to vehicle!

(Apartment Therapy)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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