This Is What The Different Twisty Ties On Your Bread Actually Mean

There's a reason why different breads have different colors on their twisty ties and once you learn what they mean, it will forever change how you buy bread!

Apparently there's been a color code behind them that signify the day the bread was baked before it actually came into the store.

It works for either the metal twisty ties or plastic tabs you normally find on any variation of bread so make sure your bread can line up as close as possible to the day you buy it for it to last longer.

Here are the corresponding colors:

  • Monday = Blue
  • Tuesday = Green
  • Thursday = Red
  • Friday = White
  • Saturday = Yellow

Wednesday and Sunday aren’t listed because most grocery stores don’t get deliveries on those days, so if you want fresh bread then start shopping on the other days instead!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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