Target Will Stop Selling Pokémon Cards In Stores

If you're a fan of collecting Pokémon cards then you can cross Target off your hot spot list because the retailer has but a temporary halt on selling anymore Pokémon cards starting on May 14th.

The retailer cities “an abundance of caution” for the safety of both guests and store employees and notes that it will still be selling the cards on its website, but you will no longer see a new stock of Pokémon, NBA, NFL, and MLB trading cards at your local target.

Trading cards are having a resurgence in the past year which has led to scalpers and other avid collectors getting physical at stores just to secure a small pack of cards.

Target was already limiting how many packs customers were allowed to purchase, but apparently enough was enough and enough and now nobody can collect 'em all anymore!

You'll start seeing the below sign in your store's trading card aisle!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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