Taco Bell Is Releasing Its Own Card Game

Get ready for fast food brands to start entering the board game scene because Taco Bell is launching its own card game next month!

The fast-food chain is releasing itsTaco Bell Party Pack Card Game in June that is being made by Ravensburger, which is an actual board game company so it's not just a company promotion.

According to BoardGameGeek, players will have to collect a variety of Taco Bell menu items like crunchy taco’s Baja Freezes, and other items to satisfy a crew of hungry Taco Bell fans.

The best part is that you also collect crave chips, which look like tortilla chips to track how many points you have. Each game only lasts about 20 minutes and can be played by two to six people so you can play it at any time.

As of right now there is no official pre-order, but the suggested retail price will be $16.99, which sounds like a great price for a new game!

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