Spider-Man And Other Sony Films Will Finally Come To Disney Plus In 2022

You'll soon be able to watch Spider-Man and other Sony movies on Disney Plus thanks to a new deal made by Sony and Disney!

Two weeks after Sony Pictures made a deal with Netflix to give the streaming service "first-run rights" to Sony films after they play in theaters, Sony has also made a deal making Disney Plus the "forever home" to those films once they leave Netflix.

This includes every movie releasing from 2022 to 2026 like the Spider-Man films, Jumanji, Venom, and Hotel Transylvania and will pretty much guarantee you always have a place to watch these films.

Currently there's no word if Spider-Man: No Way Home or Venom: Let There Be Carnage will apply to these new streaming deals, but we can't wait to be one step closer to having the complete MCU on one streaming service!

Also to get even more info about the Sony-Disney deal you can check out the latest episode of Crisis On Infinite Podcasts below!


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

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