Swinging Your Arm After Your Vaccine ACTUALLY Helps Ease Pain

A TON of people are getting their COVID vaccines and you most likely have heard that one of the side effects is having arm pain for a couple of days, but it turns out a TikTok trend is the best way to combat the pain!

You might have seen people on TikTok swinging their arms after they got their vaccine to try and increase blood flow to their arms and it turns out that it's a proven way to combat the pain side effect!

According to infectious disease specialists, swinging your arm in a circle can help diffuse the vaccine away from your arm muscles and into your immune system. Apparently doing it as soon as possible after your waiting period is clutch because that's when the vaccine is most concentrated in your arm.

You can see what you need to do below and get ready to see a bunch of people swinging their arms like windmills after they get their vaccine!

(Best Life)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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