A Wife Auctioned Off Her Cheating Husband's Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection As Revenge

Let this be the example that you should NEVER cheat on your spouse with someone else or bad things will happen, which this husband is experiencing after his wife sold his entire collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards after she caught him cheating!

A large collection of unopened Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is recently getting a TON of attention on Japan's Yahoo! Auctions after people read the description which mentioned:

“This is the first time I’ve sold something (here). I’m putting up my husband’s collection as revenge for getting cheated on.”

The listing includes 26 different multi-pack boxes of cards, including early launches from when the card game and TV show came out so you already know they are worth a lot of money.

However, the wife only asked for a starting bid of approximately $1 and ever since then the bids have increased to over $62,000 as of writing and you already know she's using a portion to divorce her cheating husband!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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