New Android Feature Will Prevent You From Running Into Things

There's nothing worse than trying to send off a text to your bestie and in real life accidentally bumping into someone or a random object, but Google is here to help us all out with their new feature!

Google is currently testing out a new feature for Android devices that will actually give you a "heads up" on things in your perimeter if you're using your phone while in motion.

The feature can currently be accessed through Android’s Digital Wellbeing app and it will allow users to opt-in to "stop using your phone while you're walking."

It's still in beta testing so if you don't see it on your phone then don't worry, but it's a great feature to occasionally remind you to look up everyone now and then to appreciate your surroundings.

Plus nobody will forget if you accidentally fall down some stairs while tweeting about your weekend!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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