New TikTok Hack Lets You Know If People Can Hear You On Hold

TikTok really has become the HOME of all things life hack nowadays and get ready to finally figure out if someone is listening to you while you're on hold!

Thanks to the TikTok account @yourdailydoesoflifehacks, which shares a daily life hack every day, you can tell whether or not someone who has you on hold can still hear you or if you're in the clear to vent all your frustrations.

In the video, which you can see below, the main tell if someone is listening to you while you're on hold is if there is "elevator music" playing on the phone.

When you're on hold and don't hear music that means the phone operator is on mute and that they can still hear you, but if you hear that weird cover of "Positions" then they can't hear you.

Who would have thought we would look forward to hearing cheesy hold music!?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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