New TikTok Hack Helps You Reuse Your Old Pizza Boxes

I think we can all agree that everybody loves pizza, even if you have to order a gluten-free or vegan pizza, you still love it! However, one of the worst things about ordering pizza is being stuck with the pizza box and either having it take up a TON of space in your fridge or on your countertop.

Thanks to a NEW TikTok hack, you can now reduce the amount of space your pizza box takes up and reuse it in a cool way!

Thanks to TikTok user @Nateandgran, we now know that you can fold your pizza box essentially in half to store it in your fridge instead of wrapping it up in tin foil or putting in Tupperware.

You can see the hack below, but you essentially remove the lid and some of the side flaps of the cardboard box and then fold it to create a mini-box.

I know what we're having at my house later this week to try out this hack!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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