A Disney Employee Was Fired After He Drank Water Out Of Every Park Fountain

It's weird to think that some people don't realize that your social media can play a big factor on your job, especially if your boss follows you, which this former Disney Parks employee learned the hard way.

TikTok user showmelovejete realized this after he decided to make a TikTok series where he filmed himself taking an empty water bottle, filling it with water from every fountain scattered across Disney World, and drinking said water.

He would then rate each water and even showed himself spitting some of it out and not two days later did he create an update video where he said he got fired for making the videos.

Apparently this isn't the first time showmelovejete revealed Disney secrets and when he tried clocking in for his latest shift his boss pulled him aside and said he was fired.

You can check out the videos below, but hopefully this at least encourages Disney to clean their fountain water!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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